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Commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation, early intervention

The firm is involved at any one time in a large number of commercial litigation and arbitration cases for a broad spectrum of clients. These vary from small disputes involving relatively simple factual and legal issues to complex disagreements involving very substantial sums, a multiplicity of parties and litigation in more than one jurisdiction.

It is central to the firm's approach to all these matters that litigation is a means to an end and that achieving a negotiated settlement can often be the best way of meeting a clients' objectives. We regularly consider with clients whether a case is suitable for mediation or early intervention for example; these processes can often bring about a settlement at a fraction of the cost of litigation and once the decision to pursue that course of action has been taken, we support our clients at every stage of the process. To date, the firm has achieved settlements in the vast majority of cases which have been referred to mediation and early intervention.

The effective litigation of maritime disputes cannot be a check-box exercise. Our approach is tailored in each individual case, with our clients’ commercial objectives always paramount.

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